Federalsburg, MD


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Jennifer Gallagher
General Manager


Our Business Philosophy

In Federalsburg, MD we approach everything with the mindset of “People First.” Whether it is Burris team members or our customers, we believe in open communication and empowering everyone in decision making. The knowledge and insight of all parties helps build stronger relationships and programs. When everyone is working together and committed to the cause, we can make it happen for our customers.

The Federalsburg MD. distribution center has sales and merchandising resources available to work with retail customers in the Connecticut to Virginia geographic region.
Retail account executive teams manage products and programs at the retailer from presentation to purchase – category management, promotional planning, forecasting, slow moving and high value inventory management,s tore orders, and merchandising.
To insure that the right product, gets to the right store, at the right time, Burris Federalsburg MD. team of sales representatives visit each retail location weekly to provide sales and promotional information, cross merchandising programs, process store orders and credits, new item presentations and insure program compliance.
The Federalsburg MD sales team is supported by a customer service team that is available 7 days per week, and provides inbound and outbound sales calls, store credits, product tracking, and store support.

Facility Specs

  • Total Square Footage: 137,727 sq ft.
  • Four Rooms: all can either be freezer or refrigerated
  • Blast Freezing Capability
  • Assortment of Frozen, Refrigerated, and Dry Specialty Products – Frozen, Refrigerated, and Dry Capability for Storage and Distribution
  • Full Transportation Fleet with East Coast Logistics Capabilities



Our Culture Video

3946 Federalsburg Hwy.
Federalsburg, MD 21632

Phone: (410) 820-6930
Fax: (410) 754-7220



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