PRWPlus in Haines City, FL

PRWPlus in Haines City, FL

Burris Logistics, PRW Plus in Haines City, Florida, bringing to close a third, record-breaking year.

Crediting new client arrivals, proactive out-reach/sales and a highly efficient team, Steve Gibson, Region Vice President for Burris PRWPlus, shares his thoughts about the capacity-busting trends of this long-standing location. “When you have a team that does whatever it takes to achieve customer satisfaction, long-standing talent that has been developed within our culture, and customers that understand the value of what we offer, then it’s possible to understand how this location thrives — year after year.”

Located just under an hour outside of Orlando, Haines City PRW Plus is a campus of independent temperature controlled-buildings that offer clients a wide-range of temperatures for refrigerated warehousing — all carefully monitored by an on-site team of engineers with expertise in ammonia-based systems and safety. From ice-cream storage at -16° to temperature settings ideal for keeping produce, poultry, dairy and beef fresh, every square foot of this operation is efficient, spotless and well-organized.

“We have grown by 100% over the past few years,” shares James Wells, General Manager of Haines City. “We have nearly 15,000 pallet positions, across 145,000 square feet, and from quick-freezing to imports/exports we currently have a waiting list of customers who want our combination of service, efficiency and dedication to food safety.”

With customers that include nationally-known ice cream brands, as well as the regional bakery for a leading hamburger franchise, Haines City operates two shifts to meet customer needs. “There are countless refrigerated warehouse options and bakers from here to California,” continues James. “However, our customer found an ideal bakery provider here in Florida, and in Burris, a reliable resource for quick-freezing that ensures the freshness and quality of product… day in and day out.”

Burris PRW Plus operates out of several locations up and down the Eastern Seaboard and is among four business lines under the Burris Logistics brand — Custom Retail Distribution, Cold Storage, Freight Management and Foodservice Redistribution. “We offer many solutions from one partner,” concludes Steve Gibson. “It’s not uncommon for one of our PRWPlus customers to need freight management support, nor for us to “pick” items from client’s stored products to create custom pallets for distribution to retailers. As a result of Burris’ ‘whatever it takes’ culture statement, we are not only sought after by new clients, we keep the clients we have with tremendous success.”

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