Shared Values. Shared Success

Shared values. Shared Success

Burris shares our values and our commitment to customer satisfaction,” explains Dan Maloney, Vice President of New Business, during a recent interview in Haines City, Florida. “There is good reason we have grown our relationship with BurrisPRW over the past 6 years with the Publix Consolidation Program

Woodland Partners, with locations in the Northeast and Southeast United States, is a full-service store brand and distribution organization. With four divisions — Store Brand Specialists, Sourcing and Distribution Specialists, Store Supply Specialists and Merco Packaging — Woodland Partners offers lifecycle frozen food and refrigerated services, making retailers more effective and the end-customer more satisfied. For the Southeast Office this corporate description translates into a positive and expanding relationship with the popular Publix Supermarkets, a respected brand with soon more than 1200 locations from Virginia to the southern tip of Florida.

“Our job is to service Publix Super Markets so they can serve the Publix customer even better than they today and to do so Burris ‘must make that same commitment to service. Continues Dan. “This relationship means everything from consistent temperature control and efficient product distribution, to supporting the needs in the warehouse and custom picking a pallet to meet specific needs. Whatever it takes — Burris needs to be right, every time.”

The relationship between Woodland Partners and Burris dates back almost three decades when Dan concluded a successful 40-year career with Publix to step around to the vendor side of the table. At that time, Woodland Partners managed the Publix brand frozen products. What began with just 200 pallet positions in the Haines City facility has expanded tremendously over the years to the Publix SDS Consolidation program we have today. It is housed in both the Lakeland and Jacksonville PRWPlus locations. While the facilities are top-notch, Dan credits the teams as a big part of the success of the program with what they do everyday.

“By introducing myself as a Woodland Partner’s agent to every team member we work with at Burris,” continues Dan. “We have come to understand how Burris grows/invests in their team and why Woodland Partners benefits from this investment. We have witnessed warehouse workers become managers and managers become regional leaders — literally working from the ground up. This means that the Burris team is uniquely qualified to truly understand the distribution (specifically our business) process and what’s possible to meet the customer’s needs. From power outages due to extreme weather conditions to last-minute additions to orders, the Burris team steps up by saying, ‘Let me see what I can do to make that happen.’ You just don’t get that kind of commitment from other folks in the industry

“Woodland Partners represents a growing area of consumer marketing,” shares Steve Gibson, Region Vice President for Burris PRWPlus. “Private label products of outstanding quality, managed through safe distribution chains, builds customer loyalty and brand image. Burris is honored to be a trusted vendor to Woodland Partners and we look forward to sharing future success.”